Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Meeting at Barasat Press Club

All part time teachers of the state are requested to attend a meeting scheduled at Barasat Press Club, near lorry Stand, Barasat Champadali More, on 1st August,'15 at 2.30pm, to discuss several issues related to the movement on 5th August '15, & other job related problems of the teachers.

-Elora Biswas

Movement of part time teachers

Part time teachers of the state are undergoing a sate of acute crisis, with the State Education Minister's declaration in the Legislative Assembly that the service of all existing part time teachers are liable to be terminated. The previous State Govt had assured these teachers a job tenure till the age of 60 years, but the present government by such an inhuman declaration has only disgraced & humiliated these college teachers to the extreme. Years of continuous & dedicated service of teachers, helping hundreds and thousands of students to build their career in the country & abroad, have been rewarded with the unfortunate threat of suspension & expulsion. Under the circumstances, all part time teachers of the state, on the demands of pay scale & others privileges of a full time teacher, are requested to assemble at Raja Subodh Mullick Square, Wellington, Kolkata, at 11 am on 5th August, '15. The assembled teachers will march to the Y Channel, Esplanade, from where representatives led by Elora Biswas, will proceed to CM 's office to present a deputation. All part time teachers of the state are cordially invited to join our march against injustice & oppression.

-Elora Biswas

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A meeting of Part Time teachers at Murshidabad

A State level meeting of part time teachers, aiming at their career advancement, have been scheduled at Murshidabad ( Near Baharampore Bus Stand, Old Age Home) , St John Ambulance Building, on 5th July, '15 at 11am. All part time teachers of the state are cordially invited to attend the meeting to know in details about the recent trend in the part time movement, & the future course of action.

Elora Biswas

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Part time teachers abused

In an incident of much shame & disgrace, a section of part time teachers, protesting against the unnecessary delay on the part of the State Govt in the execution of any fruitful measure for part time teachers, as per the recommendation of the Higher Education Committee, were beaten up & physically abused by the police, on Tuesday, at College Square, Kolkata.

We, on behalf of all all part time teachers of the State, strongly condemn the use of such brutal force against teachers, who fight for their rights.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Movement of 27th August Cancelled

This is for general information that the Movement event scheduled for August 27th, '14 (March from Wellington Square to Rani Rashmoni Avenue, Kolkata) has been cancelled but will be rescheduled for a later date. The Association has been compelled to take this decision due to some unforeseen circumstances. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meeting at Barasat Press Club

A Pre-programme meeting of our association to discuss the minutes of our movement of 27th August, has been scheduled at Barasat Press Club on 16th August, Saturday, at 2pm. Part time college teachers of the state are requested to assemble at the venue & give their valuable suggestions regarding our movement & our future course of action.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Part-Time Teachers' Movement on 27th August

With the deadline of six months coming to an end in the month of July, as given by the State Govt in the month of January this year, in their Memorandum, in which they assured to look into the demands of part time teachers of the state, the teachers are virtually left with no other alternative but to move to the streets. This has to be clearly understood under the present circumstances, that until we launch mass movements with all our strength against exploitation, we can simply attain nothing. All that the part time teachers have attained today, is due to the movement, that they have launched during the past years. We have owned our rights through rigorous movements over the years.
The protest march on 16th Dec, '13 from Wellington Square
On the 27th of August(Wednesday) all part time teachers of the State are, therefore, requested to assemble at Subodh Mallick Square, Kolkata(Wellington Square) at 10.30 am, from where the teachers would march to Rani Rashmoni Avenue, Kolkata. After protests & demonstrations against the Govt at the venue, Elora Biswas is scheduled to meet the Hon'ble CM at her office. All part time teachers across the state are cordially invited to attend the movement, to attain their rights.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The WB Govt has left us with no other alternative

Six futile months have passed since the WB Govt has declared its Memorandum in the month of March this year, with the assurance that it will look positively into the Part Time teachers' issues & the hapless teachers of the state are yet to see the ray of hope in their bleak present & uncertain future. The teachers during this period have waited patiently, & stayed back from taking to the streets with the hope that the Govt will fulfil its promise.
 Mrs Elora Biswas has within this period left no stone unturned from meeting political leaders to eminent personalities discussing with them the grave issue of PTT's problems. The govt's repeated assurance that it will look into PTT's issues has borne no fruit. Our demand of attaining status of a full time teacher, under the present circumstances, will not see the light of day, if we do not plunge into repeated movements, to attain our rights. Privileges that the part time teachers of the state enjoy today have all been earned through such movements & not by sitting back at home. Hard labour, & uncompromising & repeated pressure on the govt by our association has made the present day possible. Our association has decided to move to the streets in violent agitation from the next month, without which we cannot achieve nothing. We request all part time teachers from across the state to join our movement in their own interest. Fighting hand in hand, unitedly, might give us that desired success, which we can never achieve if we fail to realize the impact of mass movement. We can break all barriers if we stand together & fight unitedly.

Mrs Elora Biswas
(Ph- 9433931599)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs Elora Biswas at the State Legislative Assembly

Mrs Elora Biswas attended the proceedings at the State Legislative Assembly on 18th June,'14, accompanied by some members of our association where she is said to have discussed about part time teachers' issues with honorable leaders in the House. Due to her repeated efforts, Dr. Surya Kanta Mishra, leader of the house raised the part time teachers' issue several times during House proceedings, in presence of the Hon'ble Education Minister of the state, Mr. Partha Chatterjee. Mr Mishra was joined by other leaders, like Mr. Sahajahan Chowdhury, Mr Anisur Mondal.