Friday, January 29, 2016

We will remain in the streets

Our long struggle has resulted in a meagre 25% salary hike for all PTTs, which we consider to be beggar's alms. In protest of this meagre piecemeal thrown to us, we will remain in the streets till our demands are met.

-Elora Biswas

Friday, December 18, 2015

Movement of 18th Dec,'15

The metro witnessed yet another unique protest movement & march of College PTTs on Friday, 18th Dec, '15 when PTTs from all over the state walked in a procession from Subodh Mulluick Squire to Esplanade, stopping at all major street crossings to perform symbolic protest rituals addressed to the Education Minister of the State. Chanting of mock hymns & mimicry in protest of the Govt's paltry beggar's rise of teachers' salary by 25% a few days back, were on the lips of the marchers. Mrs Elora Biswas demanded pay scale like full time teachers for all PTTs, along with other benefits.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Use your intellect, feel your needs, & join our movement

We are teachers, endowed with rare intellect.Therefore, we should know how to keep our backbone erect, and realize the real value of self esteem. We should know how to safeguard our own interests. If we indeed feel that it's time to cry high for our rights, we must join tomorrow's protest march at 10 am from Raja Subodh Mullick Squire to Esplanade. Forward to all PTTs.

 -Elora Biswas (9433931599)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Can we be satisfied with so little?

When we are starving for days & ought to have been fed stomachful, we have been fed with only 25% of the meal. Can be sit back & relax half fed with a mere satisfaction that we have achieved a lot? To protest against this unjustified decision, join our protest march at 10am, on 18th Dec, '15 from Raja Subodh Mullick Square (Wellington) to Esplanade. Forward this message to all PTTs.

-Elora Biswas (9433931599)

The little achieved is not enough

Whatever has been achieved through our movement of 4th Dec, '15 is certainly not enough for us in terms of our social prestige or our daily sustenance. It has never been our demand. To enjoy all the professional benefits of a full time teacher, join us in our protest march at 10am from Subodh Mullick Squire to Esplanade on 18th Dec, '15. Forward to all PTTs.

-Elora Biswas (9433931599)

Fight for sustenance

In April 2009, PTTs were awarded with a G.O which announced a service break for them. That order was withdrawn within a day due to a revolutionary protest in front of Bikash Bhavan by hundreds of PTTs. The recent 25% salary increase is also a result of our movement on 4th Dec. To disapprove of this paltry increase of salary & to raise our voices together in favour of a pay scale for all PTTs, join our protest march on 18th Dec., at 10 am from Subodh Mullick Squire To Esplanade. Forward to all.

-Elora Biswas (9433931599)

Monday, December 14, 2015

PTTs plan to hit the streets once again on 18th Dec

The Education minister due to our movement on 4th Dec, '15 announced a 25% salary increase for all PTTs. We are greatly agitated at this decision. In demand of a pay scale for all PTTs & in protest of this humiliating paltry salary increase, many PTTs across Bengal have implored us to hit the streets once again. Considering all their opinions, we have decided to launch yet another protest march on 18th Dec, '15 from Subodh Mullick Squire to Esplanade. Thereafter, representatives led by Mrs Biswas will proceed to Nabanna to submit our deputation. All part time teachers of the state are requested to assemble at Subodh Mullick Squire at 10 am on that day, and walk with us for their brighter prospects.

-Elora Biswas (9433931599)

Elora Biswas, the last hope for PTTs of Bengal

To emphasis the importance of Elora Biswas in the PTT movement we may say in a Bengali rhyme : Ptt der Sheet, Grishyo, Barsaha/ Elora Biswas e Bhorsha. Jatoi Koro annor Jayogaan/ Noy go Bandhu se tomar Bhagobaan. Jodi bhabo, jano G.O aante pare ke/ Chalo Paa melai Elora di r saathe.

Forward to all

-Arun Pal (PTTACUWB Member)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Walk with Trust, walk with Us

No matter how other people try to come to the limelight, none other than Elora Biswas have been successful in doing something fruitful for PTT s of the state. None have been able to do anything beneficiary for all PTTs, for they are incapable of doing so. If we all believe sincerely that it is by striding with Elora Biswas that we have achieved our job security (working till the age of 60), the foothold on which we still stand & fight, let's walk beside her, with her, in the days to come, to achieve that, which is yet to be achieved. Let's spread this message thorough all our social networks like fb, hike, twitter, Instagram & others.
                   Slices from the PTT Movement of 4th Dec. '15

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Part Time teachers highly dissatisfied with pay hike

Part time teachers of College & University of West Bengal express their dissatisfaction at the announcement of a meagre pay hike instead of their demand for a pay scale