Friday, November 27, 2015

Join our Movement on the 4th of Dec

Swami Vivekananda had rightly observed that religion cannot be practiced in empty stomach. Keeping his noble view in mind let's gather together on the 4th of Dec, '15 at 10 am at Wellington Squire, Kolkata, to cook our own food, without which our survival would be at stake.

-Elora Biswas

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moving to the streets

The Education Minister has driven out the bunch of flatterers, whose futile efforts have not borne fruit. Our association has now decided to move to the streets on the 4th of December, '15. For their own sustenance & livelihood all PTTs are requested to join the march of protest from Raja Subodh Mullick Squire(Wellington), Kolkata, to Y Channel, Esplanade at 10am. After our rites of protest at the said venue our representatives will proceed to Nabanna to submit their deputation. Spread the message to all PTTs across the State.

-Elora Biswas

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Truth always wins

Truth has an immense moral strength of its own. Lies lead to regression & destruction while truth leads to progression & prospect. In view of all the opinion of various PTTs across the state, our association is trying to procure police permission & move to the streets once again.

-Elora Biswas

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another warm reception for the HEM?

Shall we arrange yet another PTT conference only to adorn the "Godly" HE Minister with futile gifts & mementos unnumbered or should we move to the dusty streets & fight relentlessly to attain our rights?? Please send your suggestion to 9433931599.

-Elora Biswas

Monday, November 23, 2015

Are we going to sit idle with bleeding hearts???

It is an ardent question to all PTTs across the state that does it not bleed profusely deep within our hearts, doesn't our eyes burn with the anger & anguish of insult & humiliation to hear the Education Minister terming us as "garbage"? If it bleeds thus, what is to be done to redeem our sufferings? Send your valuable suggestions to 9433931599.

-Elora Biswas

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Suggestions invited from all PTTs

The HE minister in an assembly of PTTs in October, had verbally assured the teachers of certain benefits, though in reality he termed these teachers as "garbage" dumped upon the present govt by the previous govt of the state. The State govt has not yet shown any sign of willingness to do any good to PTTs, even after nearly two months of the Minister's assurance. With State Assembly election close at hand, the PTTs at such circumstances, are left with a few options other than moving to the streets & fight for rights. Under the present situation PTTs across the state are requested to send their valuable suggestions regarding our future course of action.

-Elora Biswas

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WB College Service Commission restores age relaxation benefit to PTTs

Following the successful movement of our association on 10th Sept, '15, the State Govt has directed the WB College Service Commission to restore the age relaxation benefit to all approved PTTs & CWTTs based on their experience, which they had withdrawn lately. This is indeed a great victory for our PTT movement. Thus, it has been further proved that the success of a movement does not always depend on quantity, but on its quality. Teachers across the state are requested to take note of this fact, that unique & qualitatively enriched movements led by experienced teachers, are sure to bear fruit.

-Elora Biswas

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The success of our Movement on 10th Sept

Part time teachers of colleges & universities marched in protest of the attitude of exploitation of the state Govt towards it, from College Square to Raja Subodh Mullick Squire on 10th Sept, '15. Led by Mrs Elora Biswas, the procession & its subsequent unique line of protest on the way, & also as it reached Wellington Squire, attracted the attention of the media, police personnel, administrative personalities, & onlookers alike. Teachers in an attempt at mock worship of the Education Minister, burned photocopies of their education certificates, amidst chanting of hymns & satirical melodies. Later, representatives led by Mrs Elora Biswas, escorted by Kolkata Police, went to Nabanna & submitted their deputation at CM's office.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meeting at Barasat Press Club on 6th Sept

A meeting of all part time teachers of the state have been scheduled at Barasat Press Club (2nd Floor) on 6th Sept, '15 (Near Barasat Champadali More), at 2.30pm, to discuss various issues pertaining to the movement of PTTs on 10th Sept & the HE minister's threat to terminate the service of all part time teachers. All PTTs of the state are requested to attend the meeting.

-Elora Biswas

Monday, August 31, 2015

March for our Rights

In protest of the the HE Minister's threat at the Legislative Assembly to terminate the service all existing part time teachers and with the demand for pay scale & other benefits for all part time teachers of the state, our association has decided to gather at College Squire on 10th Sept, '15 at 10.30am.The assembled teachers will then move in a protest march to Raja Subodh Mullick Squire(Wellington) and carry out the scheduled protest programme, following which representatives led by Mrs Elora Biswas will go to Nabanna to present to the CM's office their deputation. Part time teachers from all over the state are requested, for the interest of safeguarding their own rights, to join this protest march.

-Elora Biswas